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Date: September 21
Richard Bradley is Editor-in-Chief of Worth, the lifestyle and wealth management magazine for ‘ultra-high-net-worth’ individuals. In this in-depth interview, he reveals what he’s learnt in a career profiling the super-wealthy; the growing culture of large-scale philanthropy in the light of the ‘Giving Pledge’ campaign; how President Trump has vastly fewer fans in the global elite than he claims; their efforts to utilise technology, data insight, and prestigious brand partnerships to retain the print magazine’s profitability - thus sustaining Worth as a global editorial platform, powering their iconic annual ‘Power 100’ list.

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Media Masters is a series of extended one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media game. Our guests come from the world of journalism, TV, radio, politics, publishing, social media, PR, gaming, academia and even Hollywood. Each week Paul Blanchard leads an informal and reflective discussion of their career - the personal highs and lows, challenges, successes, and lessons learned.

Paul Blanchard

Most popular interviews:

Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is one of the world’s most successful authors. In this in depth interview, he explains his indifference to literary piracy, argues Sadiq Khan will be the next Labour PM, and takes responsibility.
Heidi Blake
Investigations Editor, BuzzFeed

Investigative journalist Heidi Blake argues we are in the ‘golden age’ of investigative journalism, and takes us behind the scenes of some of the biggest scandals of her career
Amy Bernstein
Editor, Harvard Business Review

Amy Bernstein, the Editor of Harvard Business Review reveals her predictions for the Next Big Thing in Business, defends the importance of embracing failure, and explains why Africa beats Apple.
Alastair Campbell
Political communicator and strategist

One of the architects of New Labour, Alastair played a pivotal role in Tony Blair's landslide victory in 1997. He talks about the behind-the-scenes mechanics of running the Prime Minister's media operation and gives us his view on the future direction of the Labour Party.
Sir Lynton Crosby
Political Strategist

Sir Lynton is credited with winning the 2015 UK General Election for the Conservatives. In this interview, he reveals the goings-on behind the scenes during the recent election, explains why he feels Boris has the skills to lead, and says why he thinks the Labour Party has now lost its way.
Bruce Daisley
VP Europe, Twitter

Bruce runs Twitter's business in Europe. He talks about their work to tackle trolls, the verification process, the legal challenges of differing censorship rules in multiple jurisdictions, and his plans to grow the business.
Perez Hilton
Celebrity Blogger

One of the biggest bloggers in the world, Perez explains what’s made “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website’ a success, and reveals his regrets over celebrity feuds
Katie Hopkins
MailOnline columnist & LBC presenter

Stalwart of a number of ‘celebrity’ TV shows, the right-wing firebrand is robustly challenged on her controversial views. Does she really believe much of what she says - or is it all to grab attention?
John Humphrys
BBC Journalist and Presenter

Having presented Mastermind for 12 years and the Today programme for more than 25 years, John talks us through his career, outlines a typical day on Today, and gives advice on how to survive his interviews.
Sir Trevor McDonald
Journalist and News Anchor

One of the best-known journalists in the UK, Sir Trevor has reported from some of the most dangerous places in the world. He condemns the media for an undue over-focus on 'balance' and reveals behind-the-scenes stories from his time on News at Ten, interviewing Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Nelson Mandela.
Cristina Nicolotti Squires
Director of Content, Sky News

Cristina makes the case that TV news is here to stay, discusses the importance of humanising tragic news, and reveals whats top of her to-do list for her new job at Sky News, as Director of Content
Isabel Oakeshott
Political Editor-at-Large, Daily Mail

Isabel gives her inside view on the Chris Huhne speeding points scandal, which led to his resignation and imprisonment and discusses life as a lobby journalist and political TV pundit.
Jacqui Smith
Former Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith was the first woman to hold the office of Home Secretary. Now a lobbyist and NHS executive, she describes being at the center of the expenses scandal and criticises the media for targeting women politicians.
Sir Martin Sorrell

Running the largest marketing and PR company in the world, Sir Martin describes how he built the business, offers insights into the current media landscape, and explains why he's worth every penny of his £60m pay packet.
Paul Staines
"Guido Fawkes"

Paul runs political blog Guido Fawkes, whose exposés have led to multiple resignations. He challenges the "cosy relationship" between politicians and lobby journalists, and discusses potential launches in India and Australia.
Mark Thompson
CEO, New York Times

The former Director-General weighs in on BBC’s challenges both past and present, reveals the demands on a Brit leading an iconic American newspaper, and attacks modern political language.
Jeremy Vine
BBC Journalist and Presenter

Jeremy's lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 is Europe's most-listened-to news radio programme. In this extended interview, he explains how his daily radio show works behind the scenes and has candid advice for ambitious would-be presenters.
Jimmy Wales
Founder, Wikipedia

Jimmy talks through Wikipedia's whole journey from inception to today, now with 270 million daily views and 40 million articles in 293 languages and shares his plans for WikiTribune, his new website to combat fake news.

Previous interviews:

Stig Abell
Editor and Broadcaster

Stig Abell reveals behind the scenes at LBC, his love/hate relationship with social media, and how new technology is challenging ‘cocky’ newspapers.
Jenny Afia
Media & privacy lawyer

Jenny discusses balancing an open society with the individual’s right to privacy and explains the need for proactivity and compromise when managing the media.
Dolly Alderton
Writer, podcaster and director

The former Made in Chelsea Story producer reveals behind the scenes of a BAFTA-winning ‘reality’ series, praises paywalls as a method to reduce trolling and why Tatler thinks she’s more important than Nelson Mandela.
Professor Jim Al-Khalili
Award-winning science broadcaster

Quantum physicist and popular TV/radio presenter, Jim explains how he balances his academic and broadcasting work, and reveals what goes on behind-the-scenes to create a successful science programme.
Tess Alps
Chair, ThinkBox

The self-described 'wise old bird' discusses her zero-tolerance for critics who claim TV is dying, and sympathises with those who fast-forward the ad breaks...because she does too.
Darcy Antonellis
CEO, Vubiquity

Darcy discusses the future of the entertainment business and why she thinks virtual reality will transform our lives and argues the best leaders always prefer ambition over acumen.
Tim Arthur
CEO, Time Out

A Time Out veteran, Tim has written for and edited most sections, and was Editor of the UK magazine before becoming CEO of the worldwide group.
Lawrence Atkinson
Hollywood PR CEO

Hollywood insider Lawrence has generated the buzz around many of the world's largest movie blockbusters. He reveals how to get ahead in the movie business, and shares anecdotes from working with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Robert Redford.
Kurt Barling
Professor of Journalism, Middlesex University

Kurt is Professor of Journalism at Middlesex University. He reveals how observing first-hand the brutal Broadwater Farm Riots inspired him to follow a career in journalism.
Peter Barron
VP of Communications, Google

Previously Editor of Newsnight, Peter is now VP of Communications at Google. He explains why he left a top job in journalism to take a PR role and reveals the inside workings at one of the largest and most secretive technology firms in the world.
Sir Peter Bazalgette
Chairman, ITV

Once named "the most influential man in British television," Sir Peter gives the ultimate insider view of TV production, and reveals behind-the-scenes of his greatest global hits, including Ready Steady Cook, Changing Rooms, Ground Force, Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.
Poorna Bell
Executive Editor, HuffPost UK

Poorna discusses her book ‘Chase the Rainbow’ about her husband’s tragic suicide and contends that printed media still has a strong future - despite competition from huge online brands... such as HuffPost.
Chris Blackhurst
Former Editor, The Independent

City Editor at the Evening Standard for nearly a decade, Chris is a legend in the square mile. Working with Evgeny Lebedev, he helped launch the i newspaper and London Live, and is now a columnist, TV presenter and writer.
Henry Blodget
Editor-in-Chief, Business Insider

The founder and Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider explains how he created one of the most successful business publications in the world.
Susie Boniface
"Fleet Street Fox"

The Daily Mirror columnist on the creation of her alter ego, how her identity leaked, and her adventures as a veteran tabloid journalist.
Peter Bowes
Los Angeles Correspondent, BBC News

The BBC LA correspondent talks Hollywood junkets, OJ Simpson, the 2016 US election and encounters with Cher, Harrison Ford, and Bill Clinton.
Ian Bremmer
Editor-at-Large, TIME magazine

Ian argues Trump, Brexit, refugee crises and Isis have resulted in the worst geopolitical environment since World War II and why despite analysing an increasing number of global crises... he is still an optimist.
Matt Brittin
President EMEA, Google

Matt is among the most senior global leaders at Google; and is responsible for all their operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He discusses his memorable appearance before Parliament to defend the company's controversial tax affairs and how google is disrupting the media establishment.
Rob Burley
Editor, BBC Andrew Marr Show

Rob reveals the behind-the-scenes of putting together the UK's flagship political programme, what it's like to work with Dimbleby and Paxman, and explains why he isn't afraid of Robert Peston's new show.
Ian Burrell
Media Journalist

Ian talks through his career, starting at the Birmingham Post & Mail, his work at the Sunday Times Insight team, and 20 years at The Independent.
Zilla Byng-Thorne
CEO, Future plc

Zillah walks through her career from accountant to media CEO and explains how a relentless focus on profit put the company back in the black from a £35m loss.
David Callaway
CEO, TheStreet

David, who was previously Editor-in-Chief of USA Today, talks candidly on the challenges and opportunities faced in 30 years in journalism and reflects on the risks and opportunities for Wall St under Trump.
Professor Brian Cathcart
Founder, Hacked Off

Co-founder of campaign group Hacked Off, Brian reveals the private discussions that were taking place around The Leveson Inquiry and talks about his journalism career, including his time as Deputy Editor of The Independent on Sunday.
Pete Clifton
Editor-in-Chief, The Press Association

Head of one of the oldest news agencies in the world, Pete explains how digital has radically changed the news business, and reveals what the future holds for the Press Association as it seeks to become a wholly digital-first agency.
David Cohen
Campaigns Editor, London Evening Standard

David has led some of the paper's most memorable campaigns. He gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life at the 'Standard' and shares the ingredients for writing the perfect campaign story.
Stephen Cole
Writer and broadcaster

The international broadcast journalist reveals why modern TV news ‘bores’ him, claims the Middle East is the ‘only story’ we should be giving attention and shares what he learned from four hours one-on-one with Bill Clinton.
Richard Conway
BBC Sports News Correspondent

Richard rose to prominence by shining a light on the secretive world at the top of international sporting organisations. He reveals how he secured an exclusive interview with Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA, and predicts where some of the next shocking stories in the sports world will come from.
Nicky Cox
Editor, First News

Nicky Cox MBE explains how First News cover war, terrorism, and disasters in an appropriate way and lists the issues that young people care about the most - with Brexit surprisingly their most pressing concern.
Steve Crabtree
Editor, BBC Horizon

Steve, the Editor of the world’s longest-running science documentary, discusses his humble origins painting nuclear submarines and reveals how he makes science accessible
Iain Dale
Presenter, LBC Drive

The political commentator, writer and publisher talks candidly about his career, his LBC show, and his televised 'seaside scuffle' with a nuclear campaigner.
Heidi Dawson
Editor, BBC Radio 5 Live

Heidi advocates podcasting as the key to unlocking a younger audience, talks through her ambitious plans to grow BBC Radio 5 Live, and hits back at critics who describe it as “bloke-ish”.
Laura Desmond
Media Entrepreneur

Laura shares lessons learnt from over 30 years at the top; including candid advice from Sheryl Sandberg, and why her early career in Latin America was instrumental to her later success.
Hannah Devlin
Science Correspondent, The Guardian

Hannah discusses her move from Science Editor at The Times, the differences of writing without a paywall, and her view that social media has fundamentally changed journalism.
Peter Dickson
'Voiceover Man' of The X Factor

One of the UK's most recognisable voices, Peter is the announcer behind Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor. He talks about his work on the biggest TV shows, and reveals the secrets of the voiceover industry.
Torin Douglas
Former BBC Media Correspondent

Torin gives the insider's view from over twenty years covering the BBC's major crises, including the Hutton Report and the Jimmy Savile affair.
Alan Edwards
Legendary Music PR

Alan has represented some of the world's biggest stars, including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Amy Winehouse, and Michael Jackson. In this in depth interview, he lifts the lid on some of his most memorable moments.
John Fallon
CEO, Pearson

John outlines his plans for Pearson’s turnaround, despite facing their toughest years yet and reveals why he treasures the first edition of Dr Johnson’s Dictionary in his office; and explains his motivation to return to corporate life after beating throat cancer.
Martin Fewell
Director of Media & Comms, Metropolitan Police

Martin talks about the challenges of managing sensitive information - ensuring criminals are caught, but ultimately still get a fair trial; and explains the decisions involved with terrorism and disorder issues - balancing reassuring the public, but raising awareness of any danger.
Daniel Finkelstein
Journalist and broadcaster

Daniel Finkelstein is a columnist and Tory peer. In this in-depth interview, he voices growing concerns about the ‘threatening and dangerous development’ of anti-semitism in the Labour Party, and talks life at the Times.
Mark Gallagher
Founder, Pagefield

The influential lobbyist spills the beans on the media and political elite and makes the case that corporates are unfairly held to a much higher standard than NGOs and charities.
Matthew Gwyther
Editor, Management Today

Matthew takes us behind the scenes of the whole editorial operation and contends strongly that Brexit is not just bad for business, but will be toxic for the wider UK economy.
Andy Hamilton
Comedian and screenwriter

Creator of Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey, and regular panellist on QI, Have I Got News For You and The News Quiz, Andy discusses the comedy business and crowdfunding his first novel.
John Hardie
Chief Executive, ITN

The Chief Executive of ITN discusses the future of TV news, his worry that rising extremism in hindering journalism, and why the News at Ten is here to stay.
Gavin Hewitt
Chief Correspondent, BBC News

Gavin speaks candidly on Brexit and Trump, having observed both first hand as the BBC’s Europe Editor and then embedded in Trump’s campaign and argues we still haven’t realised the depth to which the technology-driven ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will change every aspect of our lives.
Mary Hockaday
Controller, BBC World Service

Mary talks through the challenges of running a truly global broadcaster and producing content that appeals to audiences across the world and reflects on reporting landmark events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, Nelson Mandela’s death, and 9/11.
Michael Hodges
Editor-at-Large, Radio Times

The Editor-at-Large for the Radio Times shares his adventures as an iconic London columnist and conveys his experience of taking a ‘lads mag’ into a war zone.
Jim Impoco
Editor-in-Chief, Newsweek

Jim talks through the recent resurrection of the iconic brand, argues editorial risk-taking and innovation is what’s needed to tackle 'post-truth' social media; and recalls the now-infamous 'Madam President' double cover furore.
Anita Jacoby
Australian media regulator

Anita talks candidly about gender diversity in the Australian media and what her new ‘eclectic portfolio career’ actually entails.
Sir Simon Jenkins
Journalist and Author

Simon has held many of media's top jobs, including Editor of the Evening Standard and The Times. He reveals some of the trickier decisions from a long career at the top, and talks through his favourite moments.
Pat Kane
Musician, writer and activist

As one half of Scottish pop duo Hue and Cry, Pat is leading new business models in the music industry. He also founded The Sunday Herald and writes for the major broadsheets.
Randall Lane
Editor, Forbes

Randall explains how covering a huge cocaine bust for his student newspaper made him want to be a journalist and talks frankly about hard-earned lessons from his own entrepreneurial ventures.
Bob Leaf
The father of modern-day PR

The former International CEO of Burson-Marsteller, Bob tells us what he learnt expanding the business; explains how the trade has changed over the last 30 years; and lets us in on some of his top PR tips.
Janet Lee
Executive Producer, BBC Arts

Janet discusses the challenges she faces growing the audience for arts programmes, and how she balances attracting new viewers and listeners while maintaining artistic integrity.
Luke Lewis
Head of European Growth, Buzzfeed

A journalist and media pioneer, Luke launched the UK edition of BuzzFeed. He tells us how some newspapers now threaten to be put out of business by the web and explains the winning formula to writing viral online content.
Maxine Mawhinney
Journalist and News Presenter

Maxine talks through her career reporting around the world, starting in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and gives frank advice to the next generation of journalists who want to follow her path.
Christian May
Editor, City AM

Appointed Editor aged 28 with no prior senior editorial experience, Christian describes his shock transition from PR and public affairs into journalism - and reveals the ups and downs of life sitting in the Editor's chair.
Damian McBride
Former advisor to Prime Minister Gordon Brown

A key member of Gordon Brown's inner circle, Damian discusses the struggles between Tony and Gordon, why he thinks Labour lost in 2015, and gives Corbyn some candid advice on reviving the Labour Party.
Maeve McClenaghan
Investigative journalist

Maeve talks about the thrills and frustrations of working to expose injustice and why investigative journalism defies political boundaries.
Simon McCoy
BBC News Presenter

One of the most popular presenters on BBC News, Simon takes us behind the scenes on how a live TV news show gets to air. A rolling news veteran, he talks through his career - including 16 years at Sky News - and discusses how the industry has changed.
Barry McIlheney
Magazine industry legend

Barry started some of the world's most-read and beloved magazines: Smash Hits, Empire, FHM, Heat and Zoo; and shares practical lessons learned in the Editor's chair.
Eleanor Mills
Editorial Director, The Sunday Times

Eleanor discusses her career-defining campaigns on FGM and ‘Generation Porn’, and talks through her landmark ‘trousergate’ interview with PM Theresa May.
Gemma Morris
Presenter, Sky News

Multimedia journalist Gemma presents and co-produces Swipe, the technology show on Sky News. She talks good and bad PR practice, the pressure of covering live breaking news, and the challenges in producing compelling digital content.
Roger Mosey
Master of Selwyn College, Cambridge University

Roger reveals behind the scenes at the top of the world’s largest broadcaster, the maelstrom behind closed doors during the Savile crisis and despite the pressure, why the Olympics was an opportunity he "couldn’t possibly turn down".
Alan Murray
Chief Content Officer, Time Inc.

Alan shares what he learned at two decades at the Wall Street Journal and why all ambitious fledgling journalists should learn... to code.
John Myers
Radio industry legend

One of the biggest figures in radio, John launched or relaunched many of the UK's most innovative radio stations, including Century Radio, Rock Radio, Real Radio and Smooth.
Caroline Norbury
CEO, Creative England

The founding CEO of Creative England passionately argues for supporting creatives who live outside London – because, "talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn’t."
Ben Page
Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI

Ben shares the behind-the-scenes secrets of the polling industry and reveals some of be more eyebrow-raising insights he's learned along the way.
Guy Parker
Chief Executive, Advertising Standards Authority

Guy is responsible for regulating advertising in the UK. He explains the challenges the ASA faces regulating the web and YouTube, and explains the rationale of its more contentious rulings.
Vivienne Parry
Science broadcaster

Science broadcaster Vivienne famously presented Tomorrow's World and Panorama. In her pursuit to explain science to the public, she also wrote columns for The Times, The Guardian, and The News of the World; and was resident agony aunt, Lydia Mogg, for Good Housekeeping.
Robert Phillips
Former CEO, Edelman

Author of "Trust Me, PR is Dead", Robert Phillips famously quit as President and CEO of Edelman, the largest PR company in the world. He reveals the behind-the-scenes thinking that went into this radical decision and argues that social media and "radical transparency" have killed off PR and spin for good.
Andrew Pierce
Daily Mail columnist, LBC and Sky News regular

Andrew has covered politics for The Times, The Telegraph, and the Daily Mail, where he is now Consultant Editor and a columnist. A regular on Sky News, he also hosts his own show on LBC.
David Puttnam
Award-winning film producer

Lord Puttnam shares his adventures in the film industry, producing some of the UK's most iconic films, and along the way collecting 25 BAFTAs, ten Oscars, the Palme d'Or, a CBE, a Knighthood and a peerage.
Justine Roberts
CEO, Mumsnet

Justine reveals how a disastrous family holiday led to her founding a platform which now has 10 million users and 120 million monthly visits and tackles critics claiming that Mumsnet forums are ‘nasty’.
David Rose
Special Investigations Writer, Mail on Sunday

One of the most respected investigative journalists in the world, David exposed the UK's role in the torture of terror suspects, secured the first interviews with former Guantanamo prisoners, but has experienced a backlash against his reporting.
Nick Ross

Now a crime consultant and author, Nick discusses his broadcasting career; reveals why the police were initially reluctant to support Crimewatch, and talks in detail about the murder of Jill Dando.
Bob Safian
Editor, Fast Company

Robert reveals the strong sense of purpose behind the business and how this infuses their reporting and debates the difficulties of monetising an audience, and the struggle to make money in media.
Minna Salami
Journalist, Writer, TED Speaker

Minna argues bloggers have an important role driving global political change and reveals why she enjoys the ‘challenge’ of writing.
Rhod Sharp
Presenter, BBC Radio 5 Live

The veteran BBC broadcaster Rhod Sharp reveals the secrets of the show’s production, including broadcasting from his Massachusetts home and uniquely intimate relationship with 1m listeners
Bob Shennan
Controller, BBC Radio 2

Controller of many of the BBC's flagship radio stations, Bob outlines his plans as the first Director of BBC Music, reveals the issues leading to the closure of Channel 4 Radio, and tackles claims the Beeb is too populist.
Mary Ann Sieghart
Former Assistant Editor, The Times

Former Assistant Editor of The Times, Mary Ann Sieghart has worked across TV, radio and print, writing on politics and societal issues for many major newspapers and presenting Newshour on BBC World Service.
David Sillito
Media and Arts Correspondent, BBC News

David discusses the challenges of the BBC reporting on itself, explains how the move to digital has fundamentally changed journalism, and gives his personal view on Charter renewal.
Raymond Snoddy
Media Correspondent

Long-time FT Media Correspondent, Ray Snoddy reveals how he got some of his most explosive scoops and tells us about the time he flew on Concorde to interview Rupert Murdoch.
Carla Sosenko
Editor, Time Out New York

Editor of Time Out New York Carla Sosenko talks about having ‘the best job in the world’ behind the scenes at one of America’s most influential magazines.
Matthew Stadlen
Interviewer and broadcaster

Matthew discusses his battles with PRs and his refusal to intrude into stars’ private lives, and explains why Jeremy Paxman would be his dream interview.
William Taylor
Founder, Fast Company

Bill shares the story of how he built and sold a $340 million company and discusses his latest book - “Simply Brilliant”.
Matt Tee
Press Regulator

Matt Tee is the Chief Executive of IPSO, the UK's largest press regulator, and discusses their fiery birth after phone hacking, Leveson, and turmoil in both Parliament and industry. He outlines plans to reshape the role of regulator from the PCC's "failure", and shares just how heartbreaking complaints can be.
John Sweeney
Investigative journalist, BBC Panorama

John recounts his "explosive" investigation into the Church of Scientology and going undercover in countries like Chechnya, Zimbabwe and North Korea.
Jeremy Vine
BBC Journalist and Presenter

Jeremy's lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 is Europe's most-listened-to news radio programme. In this extended interview, he explains how his daily radio show works behind the scenes and has candid advice for ambitious would-be presenters.
Andria Vidler
Veteran Media CEO

Andria reveals the behind-the-scenes challenges of running iconic media brands Capital FM and EMI Music, and launching BBC 5 Live, News Online and BBC Sport.
Pam Wasserstein
CEO, New York Media

Pam discusses the practical implications of Trump’s ‘shocking’ position on the media and the importance of valuing journalists now more than ever.
William Watkin
Professor, Brunel University London

William discusses the emergence of ‘fake news’, argues press complicity led to Brexit and Trump and dissects the mechanics - and consequences - of post-truth media.
Peter Watt
Former General Secretary, Labour Party

Peter gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life at the Labour Party under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Now at the NSPCC, he tells us about the organisation's campaigning role in the Jimmy Savile scandal.
Aidan White
Founder, Ethical Journalism Network

Aidan discusses the lessons learnt from the Leveson Inquiry and describes how the values of news media are being ‘trashed’ more than ever by their ‘corrupt’ owners.
Anna Williams
Editor, BBC World News

Anna reveals the challenges behind delivering news to a global audience of 100 million and explains why she warned her son away from a career in journalism.
Michael Wilson
Business Broadcaster

British TV's longest-serving Business and Economics Editor eveals how 'a boy from Scarborough' went on to transform TV news and takes us through his 20 years at Sky and how he brought 1.5 million viewers to GMTV.
Camilla Wright
Founder and Editor, Popbitch

Camilla Wright talks about her journey in setting up and running one of the most popular (and much-loved) gossip websites in the world.
Chris Wright
Media entrepreneur

Media entrepreneur talks founding Heart radio, selling Midsomer Murders, and four decades of sex drugs and rock n roll.

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